Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Project3: model

Before taking a stair to the 1st level, there is darker room where there is little light can come in but when walking up the stair, the space quality changes repidly from dark room to very bright room. This is because the stair located in the courtyard where there is a big opening.

The skylight on the 1st floor has very long and zigzag shape showing the unstable emotion. The light in that space will be dim light which do not harm the painting. furthermore the skylight act as navigation light to guide people around the space.

As the visitor enter the building, they will see the sculpture and the skylight above it. The light from above fall on the artwork which make it growing.

This photo showing the roof plan and the skylight

The building on the site model

Project3: final drawing


1:50 plan and section

Long section and short section 1:100

Plan 1:100

Site plan 1:500

Project3: final design


Solid and void

The void at the front allow the light to pass through and highlight the entry

Yellow= public


1st floor

For the visitor, as they reach 1st level, there is a maze-like gallery where the movement of the visitor is controled. Therefore the visitor is forced to move as a circle and back down to the ground floor at the end. There will be a large collection of painting.

For the art dealer, after he walk up to the upstair, there are bedroom, living room, workshop,and bathroom

Ground floor

According to the circulation of the ground floor. As the visitor enter the building, There is the sculpture section with the big step leads to the next section. When the visitor walk up the the higher platform, there is the small sculpture section on the right and courtyard of the left. They can walk from courtyard up to the platform freedomly. The next section is a room for photograph, the visitor can either decided to go to office or take a stair to the upper level.

The visitor can only access to the office which they can not walk furthur to the private area. For the art dealer, he can walk from the office to storage or the kitchen. The kitchen connected to the living area upstair. There is also the back access to the backyard

There is the back access for deliver so the artwork have to be checked in or out.

Project3: development

My concept

My idea is to use the different height of the floor to represent the rapidly change of the feeling. So when people go through each section, they can't predict what kind of space is going to be. For example, they might be in a very dark and low ceiling area, and suddenly they are in very light room.

To represent the unstable emotional of the artist by the light, I make very long zigzag skylight through the space on level 1 which some part of the sky light is bigger and some part is smaller. The size of skylight depends on the size of the room and different usage. For example, the room where displaying the painting, the skylight is smaller so there is not too much light go into the room so it not destroy the painting.

2nd idea
2nd idea: Massing of the whole building

2nd idea: Facade (solid and void)

2nd idea: section-showing the lighting

2nd idea: 1st floor

On the 1st level, there is the gallery for painting on the front part. The living area is on the back which can access from downstairs. There is the workshop at the end which is in the living area.
2nd idea: ground plan
On the ground floor is the section for sculpture which showing different kind of sculpture (very large sculpture, small sculpture). At the end of the gallery, there is an office which is connected to the back door, the living area and storage. These are the stair in the living area that is connected to the living area on the upstairs. That means the private area downstairs connected to the private area upstairs so the visitor cannot access that area by accidentally
1st idea
My first idea is to seperate the living area and gallery space but having gallery on the ground level. The living area is on the second level. At the end of the gallery, there is the stair case in the backyard lead up to the living area. The backyard is separated from the gallery by having office in the middle which is semi private. Therefore the art dealer have to go through the gallery to the office then to the backyard so he can take a stair to living area.
first floor
Ground floor


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Project3: precedent and narrative


Narrative: A gallery for unstable emotional person.
Artist: Yuriko yamakuchi
According to the style of artist, most of the artwork is made from small pieces of material and mount it together with string hanging on the ceiling. from my point of view i feel that those artwork give the sense of unstable.
Art dealer:
-He gets bored so easily
-He like something new
-He love viewing outside to get some inspiration
-Sometimes, he paints
-He is emotional person, he get angry so easily and he get better very fast
-He will do something when he feel want to
-He thinks that looking at artwork from different angle give him the different feeling


Museum of antropology
-Circular skylight highlights the sculpture
-The light from long skylight fall on the stair so people can see it
-Using stair to seperate different section

Nicholas Mrivier Gallery
-The ground floor is lower than the street level, gaining more space where there is the height limitation of the building

-The long stair lead up to the upper level

-Solid and void
-People can see the stair from the upper level

Project3: site analysis

According to the photo, the facade of neighbour building is old and and their height is around 2 storey (8-9 metre). the width of the site is 10 metre and the 70 metre long.

The neighbour building
-Convenient store
-Car park
-Rest park

According to the location of the site, most of neighbour building are shop, cafe, restrurant which they are probably working all day. so this leads the street is so busy.

For people who is walking on the street, mostly access the site through the front.

Vehicle access is mostly on the left side of the building where there is rare lane.
because the car cant really park on along the king st so they have to park at the back.

Traffic condition

This showing traffic condition around the site.
On king street was indicated by the red and orange color which mean that the street very busy.
However the traffic was slow down in front of site 1, if comparing to site 3 and site 2, they are busier which their location are closer to the intersection.
Site 3 is very long and narrow which the back of site 3 touch with lennox st. there is rare lane on the left hand site which can be used as private access. there is a car park also. On the back of the site is less busy which there is rest park

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Project2: model

This photo was taken with the water at the top of the model

The light at the end of the building
There is water fall running across the roof at the end. The water makes the light spread over the area and make the room look like glowing itself as well as softer the strong light. as clean mind is represented by relax and peaceful so I used the softer light to make people feel more relax and comfortable.

The long and thin skylight create a number of strip line on the wall which make the room more complex. the visitor will be dazzled by the strip line which create the sense of confusion

The small skylights at the beginning limit the amount of light to enter the building. As I want to create the space which is more protective from the surrounding environment so people can’t view outside through those skylights because they are too small. They can only see the light coming through.

The begining is dark than the end of the building
As she moves along, she will experience different kind of light. Direct light and soft light as well as the small skylight which allow small amount of light to pass trough and a very glass roof where there is the water fall run across it.

The lights that pass through each opening also create the different feeling. As the woman enters the building, she will be in very dark condition. There is no any opening at the beginning of the tunnel.


The floor is raised with different high to create the difficulty for the visitor as they are moving through the space. The ceiling also give the sense of compression as it is only 2 meter high but the size and the height of the ceiling get bigger at each section.

the whole view of the building